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Experienced Premises Liability Lawyers In El Segundo, CA

When you take a drive, exercise in an area with plenty of people, or ride a roller coaster, there is always the potential for harm – it’s common knowledge that these activities come with their own risks. By participating in any one of them, you need to be aware of and accept that possibility beforehand. Nevertheless, when you go shopping for groceries, pamper yourself at the beauty salon, take your little one to their favorite park, or simply pass by a construction site; it’s probably not something that crosses your mind but an injury can still occur. Regrettably, in California hazardous sites and properties are widespread and injuries frequently occur.

Luckily, our El Segundo premises liability lawyers have extensive experience representing injury victims who have been harmed on someone else’s property. If you were injured while visiting another person’s property, contact Sheridan & Rund, P.C. to learn more about your legal rights, how we can construct a strong case for you, the types of compensation you may be entitled to, and get started with us today!

What Is Premises Liability?

If you have experienced an injury on another person’s property in Los Angeles County, then the law of Premises Liability will determine your case. As per premises liability laws, a property owner holds legal accountability for taking proper care and upkeep of their land.

In California, property owners are lawfully bound to take reasonable precautions in maintaining the safety of their premises. This is analogous to a prudent person performing similar duties in comparable circumstances. Should a property owner neglect this obligation, thus failing to provide an adequate degree of care for people on their land, they will be held responsible and accountable for any resulting injuries incurred by someone else.

California Premises Liability Laws

As per California Civil Code 1714, all parties are legally accountable for their careless or willfully negligent actions. The essential component of this statute is “want of ordinary care or skill” – a legal principle that forms the foundation for most property-related liability claims.

Negligence is a careless lack of attention that causes harm to someone else. In premises liability law, if the property owner was aware of any hazards on the premises but failed to take reasonable steps in order to rectify them, then they will be responsible for any suffering experienced by victims.

Negligence and a party’s duty of care are inextricably linked. In order to be held liable for negligence, the owner must take reasonable steps that another prudent property owner would have done under similar conditions. Determining whether a property owner has breached their duty of care is determined by multiple factors – such as anticipation of injury, awareness of the defect, contribution to the defect, and liability to lessen any potential risks. If you require further guidance on California’s premises liability laws then contact our El Segundo premises liability lawyer today for a free consultation.

Proving A Premises Liability Claim In California

To successfully secure a financial recovery and hold the property owner accountable for your accident in California, you must prove premises liability. The burden of proof lies with the plaintiff, who is responsible for demonstrating that the defendant was at fault in either causing or neglecting to prevent their injury. Without sufficient evidence and documentation of this negligence on behalf of the liable party, it will be impossible to obtain justice through legal proceedings.

In civil cases, the level of proof that must be established is a preponderance of the evidence: sound and reliable data illustrating how the liable party was at least 51% responsible for causing an incident. For example, if you are seeking compensation in Los Angeles County through premises liability litigation, your legal representative will need to demonstrate that it’s likely more than not true that the defendant caused your losses or injuries. To effectively make this case there are four main factors which must be proven:

  1. The defendant was the individual or entity who owned or controlled the property at the time of the accident. This fact establishes that the party is the correct defendant and his or her legal obligation to keep the property in reasonably good condition.
  2. The defendant was negligent; he or she failed to use the correct degree of care as required by the circumstances. A defendant’s negligence will depend on your status as an invitee, licensee, or trespasser, as well as what is reasonable for the situation.
  3. The defendant’s negligence was a direct or substantial factor in causing your harm. The defendant’s breach of the duty of care must be what caused your accident. If something else caused the accident or injury, the property owner won’t be liable.
  4. You suffered compensable damages in the premises accident. Finally, you must prove that you were injured or harmed in the accident in question. This may take evidence such as medical bills, pay stubs, and photographs of your injuries.

To prevail in a legal case, you must present substantial evidence to convince the court. A premises liability lawyer in El Segundo, CA can be your ally in this endeavor, collecting pictures, and videos from CCTV cameras and accounts of those who saw what happened as well as accident reports, medical documents, and more. With this evidence at hand, an experienced premises liability attorney will take charge of preserving it properly and presenting it persuasively so that justice is served!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can I Sue If I’m Injured On Someone Else’s Property In California?

According to California law, if you suffer an injury while on someone else’s property, the person or company that owns, leases, occupies or controls the said property will likely be liable. Should a premises liability claim arise as a result of your accident in Los Angeles County; the defendant could be:

  • Your landlord
  • A homeowner
  • A business owner
  • A company
  • A tenant or renter
  • A property management company
  • A retailer
  • A big box store
  • A restaurant
  • An employee
  • Multiple parties

Understanding who is responsible in premises liability cases can be complex, as it often involves various factors such as the type of property, rental agreements, and duties of care. It’s important to note that someone does not have to own or occupy a property for them to be held liable – possessing control over the space is typically sufficient. To determine whether you are eligible for compensation after an accident on another person’s land, consult with a knowledgeable El Segundo premises liability lawyer today!

When Is A California Property Owner Liable For Accidents?

Property owners in California aren’t typically held liable for mishaps that occur on their properties, yet they are obligated to provide an exceptional level of care towards invitees. As such, a landowner should inspect the property for potential risks and repair any obvious deficiencies conveniently found. Additionally, if there is anything presumed hazardous present on the property then landowners must alert visitors of its presence; failing to do so could potentially lead to liability charges if an injury ever occurs due to negligence.

In the state of California, a property owner does not owe any duties of care to trespassers in most cases. However, if you were trespassing when your injuries occurred and you are under 18 years old, then the landowner must still provide reasonable safety for their premises. If your premises liability lawyer in El Segundo, CA can demonstrate that it was due to negligent actions on behalf of the property owner that caused your injury, they could be held accountable and responsible for compensating you accordingly.

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The unfortunate consequence of premises liability accidents can be catastrophic, leaving lasting physical and emotional pain. Property owners have a responsibility to ensure the safety of all individuals at their location by providing even surfaces and hazard-free surroundings. Should injury or wrongful death occur due to neglect on behalf of the property owner, they may be held responsible for any damages caused.

If you’ve been harmed and are looking for an El Segundo premises liability lawyer, look no further than Sheridan & Rund, P.C. Our team has devoted years to assisting victims of personal injury in Los Angeles County with their cases. With our expertise on your side demanding justice for you and your family—you can trust that every detail of your claim will be given the personalized attention it deserves. Contact us now to obtain a free assessment at no cost whatsoever!