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Instacart Delivery Accident Lawyers In El Segundo, CA

Instacart, a popular grocery delivery app, offers the convenience of shopping for food from the comfort of your own home. With its growing popularity, Instacart has experienced a remarkable 300% surge in usage since 2019, driven further by the coronavirus pandemic. As one of the largest and most widely available grocery delivery services in the country, Instacart partners with renowned retailers like Costco and Walmart.

According to recent research conducted by Coresight, a significant 36% of adults surveyed in 2019 reported purchasing groceries online within the past year. Data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau shows that the number of online grocery shoppers reached a staggering 93 million, marking a substantial increase compared to the previous year’s 35 million.

Major cities like Los Angeles have witnessed the popularity of Instacart and other grocery delivery services soar. However, as the number of food and grocery delivery vehicles rises, so does the risk of delivery driver accidents. If you have been involved in a collision with an Instacart driver, our qualified El Segundo Instacart accident lawyer is available for a free consultation.

Understanding Instacart Accident Insurance

Many drivers sign up and agree to the Instacart Independent Contractor contract without fully comprehending the extent of accident coverage. Consequently, drivers may be unaware that Instacart does not provide coverage for them in the event of an accident. As per the contract, drivers are agreeing to possess all the necessary equipment, insurance, and licenses required to perform shopping and/or delivery services.

Unlike other delivery services such as Postmates, Instacart does not offer insurance to cover its contracted delivery drivers while they are on the job. Instead, the company includes a condition in its contracts with employees that requires drivers to maintain valid coverage in accordance with California’s auto insurance requirements. This leaves many Instacart drivers accountable for car repairs, medical bills, and other losses. Unfortunately, their insurance is unlikely to cover the accident, and neither will Instacart. In the absence of insurance, drivers may be personally liable for damages. Regrettably, in the event of an accident, Instacart tends to shift blame onto their drivers. The company’s objective is to evade liability in any collision involving their personal shoppers.

Instacart Auto Insurance Requirements

When delivering groceries for Instacart using personal passenger vehicles, drivers are not required to have additional coverage or a commercial insurance policy. Instead, drivers in California are only obligated to carry the mandatory minimum auto insurance. It is important to note that all vehicles in California must be insured at all times by a licensed vehicle insurance company in the state. The vehicle insurance policy should provide coverage that meets the minimum requirements, including:

  • $30,000 for bodily injury
  • $60,000 for 2 or more people
  • $15,000 property damage

Certain insurance policies may provide coverage for Instacart and other delivery drivers during their work. However, it’s important to note that some private policies may have exclusions for accidents that occur while using personal vehicles for business purposes, such as delivering groceries. If private insurance policies do not cover on-the-job crashes and if there is no supplemental coverage from Instacart, delivery drivers may be fully financially responsible for damages associated with accidents.

Filing an Instacart Accident Claim In California

Car accidents occur frequently in Los Angeles County for various reasons. However, delivery drivers, including those from Instacart, are particularly susceptible to accidents due to the nature of their work. The demanding task of navigating delivery routes often leads to distractions caused by phone usage or GPS systems, especially in unfamiliar areas. This distraction increases the risk of accidents as drivers take their eyes off the road to check order details.

Instacart drivers, who are compensated per order, often resort to speeding or driving recklessly in an attempt to complete as many deliveries as possible. This pressure to meet delivery deadlines can result in dangerous and aggressive driving behaviors. Some of these behaviors include:

  • Speeding
  • Tailgating
  • Ignoring traffic signs and signals
  • Unsafely switching lanes without turn signals
  • Driving while under the influence
  • Reckless driving
  • Make deliveries while tired
  • Distracted driving

Food delivery accident claims can be complex, particularly when companies such as Instacart argue that their drivers are independent contractors, not employees. Typically, employers are not held responsible for the negligent actions of independent contractors. Nonetheless, seeking the assistance of a skilled Instacart accident lawyer in El Segundo can enhance your chances of obtaining the maximum settlement for your accident.

Available Damages For An Instacart Accident

If you have been involved in an accident while using Instacart, it is important to know that you have the right to seek compensation for any injuries and losses you have suffered. Motor vehicle accidents can result in damage to your vehicle, as well as a range of injuries that can vary in severity. These injuries may require expensive medical treatment and care. Without holding the responsible party accountable, you may be left to bear the financial burden of medical expenses and other costs associated with the accident.

At Sheridan & Rund, PC Kahroba, we are dedicated to ensuring that negligent drivers are held responsible for their actions. We understand that being involved in a grocery delivery accident can be a stressful and challenging experience for both you and your family. Our team of qualified California Instacart accident attorneys is prepared to fight on your behalf. We can help you secure the compensation you deserve for your losses resulting from a delivery driver accident.

  • Emotional Distress
  • Lost Wages
  • Property Loss
  • Medical Bills
  • Loss of Consortium
  • Past, Current, and Future Medical Bills
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Loss of Past and Future Income
  • Loss of Earning Capacity
  • Loss of Enjoyment of Life

The Difficulties Created by Instacart’s Lack of Insurance

Pursuing legal action against Instacart after a car accident involving one of its drivers poses numerous challenges. This is primarily because Instacart does not provide insurance coverage for their drivers. As delivery drivers are classified as independent contractors, they are not entitled to benefits. Unlike other delivery services such as DoorDash and Uber Eats, which offer insurance to their drivers, Instacart drivers must rely on their personal auto insurance policies in the event of an accident.

Consequently, if you find yourself in an accident with an Instacart driver, it is more likely that you will need to work with their personal insurance rather than Instacart itself. Instacart frequently denies liability when injured drivers and third parties attempt to file accident claims for compensation. However, it is not impossible to file a claim against Instacart after an accident. If you have been injured in an accident caused by an Instacart driver, it may be possible to hold Instacart accountable. Your best course of action is to consult with our experienced El Segundo Instacart accident attorney, who has a proven track record of representing victims of delivery driver accidents.

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If you find yourself unsure about what to do next after an accident involving an Instacart driver, rest assured that our El Segundo Instacart accident lawyer is here to guide you. We are committed to exploring every avenue to maximize your claim, understanding that while monetary compensation cannot undo the injuries or the trauma you’ve experienced, it can help alleviate the financial burden caused by the accident. If you’re ready to seek compensation for your Instacart accident, contact Sheridan & Rund, PC Kahroba today for a complimentary consultation.